When you walk in to Parks Health Shop you are sure to be greeted by a friendly face with a desire to serve you and your family's health needs. The staff have been hand selected to create a team that is both professional and knowledgeable. 

Aside from Wanda, who is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (RHN/RNCP) and laboratory technologist, Parks Health Shop staff includes nutrition consultants, a homeopath, a registered nurse, and an active mother of 2 with a background in yoga & dance. Each of them lead their lives with a passion for holistic health and a desire to learn more every day. 

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Meet our manager Wanda

The story of how Wanda became manager and part owner of Parks Health Shop is inspiring. 

Wanda spent the first 25 years of her working career in health care as a Laboratory Technologist. 

Her interest in the holistic health field began years ago when she had some health challenges of her own and was able to successfully overcome them with dietary modification and nutritional supplementation. This created within her an immediate and intense thirst for knowledge. 

She decided to return to school and graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with Distinguished Merit in 2004, earning the title of Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (RHN/RNCP). This set her life on a whole new course and the next 12 years were spent learning anything and everything about natural and holistic health from some of the top professionals in the field. 

She kept up to date with industry advances while working part-time at a local health food store for 12 years.

In 2016, her passion for health and wellness and desire to help customers and her community lead their best life inspired her to create Parks Health Shop within the Sante Centre. She hasn't looked back!

Wanda enjoys spending time in the kitchen and in her garden.  She loves her furry friends and currently shares her home with 2 rescues, a cat and a dog.  She also loves to travel with her husband Armel (often to warmer climates) and to attend live tennis matches..


Holly Myers

Certified Colon Therapist

Have you ever wondered what life could be like with better health? As a Canadian Certified Colon Therapist & an I-ACT Certified Colon Therapist Holly’s mission is to help you build a path to life-long physical and emotional well-being. Illness, trauma, and the fast pace of life can all get in the way of healing. Holly gets to know each patient and works to alleviate symptoms while addressing their root cause. Clients experience immediate relief – and get the tools they need to reach their goals, including bloating loss, relief from constipation, Preparing for surgery, or simply maintaining good health. “I give you practical solutions, and most importantly I give you hope – that you can and will feel better.”

Contact Holly:

Tel: 902-830-3972
Email: info@aquacleanse.ca
Web: www.aquacleanse.janeapp.com